How to prepare for a long camping trip

Camping trips are awesome if organized properly. Mishaps can easily kill the joy of nature. So, before you even start imagining how wonderful it would be to go out there with your friends or family, take a few seconds. Read through the following steps to get a grasp of the preparation ahead. It might look a bit daunting, but that’s alright. One day it will be imprinted in your instinct. Of course, if you’re already a seasoned outdoorsman, you can skip ahead.

 Step 1: Select your destination

Before even thinking about packing, your foremost decision is your destination. Where are you going? How far is it? How much time will you spend there? What resources can you have access to around that location? Your destination will determine what you should prepare. The farther you go, and the longer you go, the more you should bring. Of course, if you’re confident enough, you can always try living off the land.

 Step 2: Prepare the medication that you might need

No matter if you’re leaving with your family or friends, you must be prepared to deal with allergies or other medical needs. If anybody wears glasses or contacts, for example, they should think about bringing a spare. Your plan will depend on the duration of your trip, and on your destination.

 Step 3: Meal plan

What, and how will you manage your meals? Do you want to go with MREs? Or something that takes a bit more preparation? How much food do you need? This is one of the central aspects of the trip that you will have to focus on. Something that is readily available is always more practical, but in the end you’re the one who will have to decide.

 Step 4: Camping checklist

Other than your meals and your medication, what will you need to make your camping trip as enjoyable as possible? Shelter, bedding, and clothing are some of the other crucial aspects that you should keep in mind. Of course, some personal items, like a guitar, or a novel, might also make things more interesting. It all depends on you. As a rule of thumb, try going as light as possible. All the packing and unpacking might kill all the fun. However, it’s not necessary to strip things down to a bare minimum either. There’s a balance.

 Step 5: Don’t procrastinate

It is human nature, but, for a camping trip, you really don’t want to start at the last minute. A hasty preparation will almost certainly make you forget a thing or two, and that will not be enjoyable. Depending on your duration and destination, think ahead. Make that checklist and follow it. The earlier you start, the more time you will have to make adjustments. The goal is to make the experience as enjoyable as possible, and there’s nothing more disagreeable than the stress of last-minute work.

 Step 6: Travel entertainment

If you’re bringing young children along, you should think about packing enough snacks and entertainment for them. The trip from your home to your destination might take a while, and the entertainment factor will help you keep the children happy. Whether it’s movies, music, or simple games. It will make your trip much more enjoyable.

 Step 7: Easy first meal

Once you arrive at your destination, you will need some time to unpack and to set up your camp. Your first meal should be as simple as possible. Sandwiches, for example, are excellent. This will give you some energy and allow you to start setting things up.

 Step 8: Hit the road

Once you get everything figured out, pack up and hit the road. If you didn’t procrastinate, then you shouldn’t stress about the whole process. Take it easy. This is what camping is all about. Enjoy your trip. You deserve it.

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